Our 5 week summer stay at Umah Tampih was sublime. The house affords a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living. It's decorated by the changing moods of the light and the weather and was a serene refuge for we city dwellers. It was difficult to leave the compound, swimming, eating, reading and gazing at the mesmerising view added up to a perfect day... one day after the next. The staff were delightful, taking very good care of us! We can't wait to slip down the driveway and fall under the spell of Umah Tampih once again!

Janis and Brad
January 2015
Janis and Brad
Hong Kong / New York
We have stayed in Umah Tampih for about 3 weeks and from the moment we arrived the experience was incredibly satisfying. The view from the terrace is absolutely breathtaking. You can see the wild nature, rice fields and valley of the nearby river. The modern architecture of the house fits in perfectly. The terrace allows you to feel like you’re part of the nature. The house itself is very beautiful. Each room is having its own view and charm. The infinity pool allows you to enjoy the views and cool down a little. Big advantage of the pool: it is cleaned with ozone.
All the details like furnishing are very well thought. The mix of comfort, green views and hospitality of the staff lets you sit in bliss and tranquillity. You almost don’t want to leave. Ever.
The staff made us feel at home, we all felt very well taken care of. People were warm, cooked us beautifully served, comforting, fresh food. In the evenings we enjoyed delicious tea from lemongrass freshly hand picked from the garden. It was difficult to say goodbye to all the people maintaining the villa.
To us, Umah Tampih is pure heaven.

Maria, Magdalena, Borys, Iwona and Justyna
February 2015
Maria, Magdalena, Borys, Iwona and Justyna
Suffice it to say that, as an achitect, this is what it feels like to experience living in a house that belongs in an international caliber architectural magazine. The materials, attention to detail, and spacial experience is second to none. The location is fabulous, and while so close to Ubud all one sees is rice terraces, jungle and the river. Even traffic noise disappears drowned out by the sound of rushing water. So soothing.

The service is exemplary, the in-house dinners magnificent, the lap pool was a real pool (not some giant kidney shape tub),
and the outdoor covered living space luxurious (as the massage on the deck).
Lev Bereznycky
San Francisco, CA
I have stayed in Umah Tampih for a couple of days and I have to say that this has been the best villa/hotel I have ever stayed in. The location and view has something spiritual, overlooking the forrest and the rice fields. The open architecture is simply perfect. Every material, every arrangement is so thought through that you enter the property and feel like never leaving again. On top of that, the staff is lovely as well. You feel like being with friends in such a harmonic way, that every stay at Umah Tampih can only be a perfect and so relaxing experience.
Kolja Orzeszko
Umah Tampih is a sanctuary for holiday makers seeking a private retreat in the picturesque UBUD. I must admit my reservations when the driver turned into a small driveway leading to Umah Tampih. But when the gate opens to a modern architect and the valley landscape, I knew the holiday will be special.

The villa manager and its staff were excellent and they always make you feel at home entertaining your every beck and call. Maybe this is the magic of Bali people, their philosophy and attitude towards life. The home made food were fresh and prepared in traditional Balinese style. Surely, I would go back again and I hope its not a too distant future. Thanks again to all at Umah Tampih.

Ryan Chong
"Coming home at night tired and burying your face in those yummy pillows is total bliss......everything smells so fresh!
Sitting by the pond with the river rushing below, the volcanoes draped in pink clouds in the distance…..amid the lush greenness of the garden, and with soulful music wafting down the hill - about as close to paradise as you can get.

The Umah Tampih staff is so helpful and truly enjoy their duties, they seem to sense when you need something by studying your habits, then they're on-the-spot when you're ready to do something, before you even ask. They are a true pleasure to deal with, you just want to put them in your suitcase and take them home........

The food was so delicious and nutritious, served with such thoughtfulness. We felt cared for, not just served to, at each meal. It was fabulous and colorful and fulfilling every single time. After a long day, we gave a sigh of relief when our driver pulled into the driveway, like......"Ah, we're home, what a nice feeling"...
San Antonio, Texas, USA
"From the moment that we arrived at Umah Tampih we were treated as family by the staff. They were always so happy to administer to our every need. The food they prepared was perfect, fresh and beautifully tailored to our individual requirements. Each meal was presented as a visual feast with wonderful color and meticulous presentation. We were often hesitant to go out and dine in Ubud, because of our reluctance to miss a meal at the house. They were also meticulous in keeping our rooms and the grounds spotless, with fresh flowers to greet us each new day. In addition, whenever we had special requests, i.e river rafting, temple ceremonies, laundry, etc. they promptly arranged it with a smile. We wanted to pack them up and take them home!

As for the accommodations and the grounds, a friend asked for a description and I replied that, 'it was a soothing reflection of heaven'. From the moment we stepped onto the premises I felt a discernible tranquility and a sacred attention to detail. The rooms were beautifully appointed, each having it's own unique charm and tranquility. The layout of the grounds, common area and kitchen were equally as stunning. It's as if you created an extension of the temple residing next to it. The spacious and uncluttered feeling is wonderfully complimented by a tasteful simplicity. And the vanishing edge swimming pool was a never ending source of pleasure, with easily one of the best views in Bali.

I've traveled extensively over the last 30 years and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed staying anywhere as much as my time at Umah Tampih. Such a pleasure."

Boulder, Colorado, USA